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User experience needs to be consistent

User experience needs to be consistent

If there is one thing that frustrates smartphone users, it’s when things don’t work right. The age of mobile devices has greatly increased the pace at which businesses are expected to operate, namely when it comes to the applications they offer their customers.

“What used to be a ‘New York minute’ has been reduced to a millisecond in the business world, as the speed of business continues to hasten across the globe,” wrote TMCnet contributor Scott Charter. “Now more than ever, end-users expect applications and their accompanying networks, to perform with zero latency and zero downtime. Having a fast and reliable application, in other words, is no longer a business differentiator; it is a necessity to stay competitive.”

As such, it will be important for organizations to invest in the right applications. Chances are that anything promising to be ready-made and good to go probably isn’t. The best bet for enterprises is to invest in custom software development in order to ensure the highest availability.

Keeping users connected
It’s not just customer-facing apps that require constant uptime. According to InformationWeek contributor Lori MacVitt​ie, software designed for employees also has to have consistent connectivity. Program inefficiencies can drive consumers and talent away in droves.

“In order to hold and consolidate dominance, you must keep an incredibly fickle consumer base – both employees and customers – engaged,” MacVitt​ie wrote. “Apps plagued by performance, security or availability issues are an invitation to your competitors to stage an application coup. What a coup looks like for external customers is clear and can be measured in revenue drops. Internally, the intrigue might be more subtle, with CMOs snatching IT dollars and SaaS vendors sidling around IT to engage business leaders.”

Simply put, smartphone and tablet users crave mobility. Regardless of if they are geared toward customers or employees, businesses will have to make sure that custom software solutions keep their downtime minimized as much as possible.

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