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Top 6 Ways to Support Apache Flex Today

1)   Join the Apache Flex [developer] mailing list

http://flex.apache.org/community-mailinglists.html. In my opinion, after joining this list, you should set up a mail client rule to automatically route messages to a folder dedicated to this list so you can read and follow the discussions and contribute as you have time.

2)   Contribute missing Spark Components, and document what you built.

https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FLEX/Missing+Spark+Components. A complete and robust set of lightweight pre-built Spark Components makes the SDK powerful and increases developer productivity as projects start to use them.

3)   Post an application example

https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FLEX/App+Examples. Code examples that demonstrate the use-case for components greatly enhance programming language documentation. Adding visual representations and a real world use case for some of the powerful features aids development teams in the use of each pre-built component.

4)   Upgrade your applications to the Spark Architecture and Apache Flex version 4.9.1

The first community release is out. Because the new development and innovation will be built in the new Spark architecture, you can support Apache Flex by funding projects to move to the new architecture for the applications you have built. The source control and convenience binaries for the Flex SDK is here: http://flex.apache.org/installer.html

5)   Quash some bugs in the Flex source control

30,000 bugs have been identified and entered into the JIRA instance. The community has been fixing these bugs with Flex monkey patches for some time to work around the known issues. Several thousand of these patches are now on the whiteboards and storage areas of developers globally. There are common fixes for many of these bugs that just have not been moved into the development branch of the Flex SDK yet. After these patches are tested and verified to be solid, they will be moved into the trunk to be released with the new version.

6)   Spread the word about Apache Flex

As a software development professional, please share your experience and knowledge regarding Apache Flex with others. Please add an entry to your blog about Apache Flex articles and links you have found, follow @ApacheFlex on Twitter, and use social media to disseminate the facts. Please join the discussion on the software development forums of Yahoo, Google, Adobe, with your friends on Facebook and in the Apache Flex Developers group on LinkedIn. Flex is a terrific development environment and offers a rich immersive user experience for a large percentage of devices and computing platforms. Browsers just can’t provide the user experience and performance required that today’s technology consumers demand.

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