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Hire an Android Developer

androidAndroid is now the world’s best-selling smartphone operating system (OS). This statistic is unbelievable considering the recent distribution launch date in late 2007. On3 has been following this trend since that time. We believe this fantastic mobile OS is just getting started and will experience explosive growth for the foreseeable future.

Why Android? Devices that have the Android apps installed on them are smart mobile devices that are “more aware of the user’s location and preferences”. This is a better context for Android app developers because smartphones and tablet computers stay with their users; day and night throughout the year. Because of this contextual differentiation, the applications for Android are selling and being distributed rapidly. Our Android development team writes custom mobile android programming software to a platform that engages the user according to their location and personal preferences that are ever-changing as the user travels through daily life.

Android Development Best Practices

On3’s Android developers can work onsite or remotely to help you build components: activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers. The components we write for each application can be shared by the other applications loaded on devices. Other Android resources and assets can be declared in the application manifest file so web resources, files, and images can be used and reused. An On3 mobile app developer knows when to reuse Android components to avoid repetitive code development. Our Android developers begin by considering the screen size, screen density, input configurations, device features, and platform API version before they begin writing the code. In software development, simple for the user isn’t easy for the developer.

When there are millions of users downloading Android Apps everyday, it pays to invest in a terrific user experience. Our advice is to spend the extra time creating the best experience possible while to including all of the likely device profiles in your design. On3 provides software services to help you build your own expertise in Android development from within! We will help you build internal capabilities or completely develop your next mobile software project. It’s up to you.

Contact On3 today to learn how we can help you develop powerful mobile apps for your next project!

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