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Hire an AIR Developer

12011287_sAdobe AIR runs on so many different types of devices: desktop, browser, mobile, and Internet television.

AIR combined with the popular platform Flash Player supports dozens of devices including Digital Home Devices, Smartphones, and Tablets from Acer, Dell, HTC, Logitech, Motorola, RIM, Samsung, and Sony. On3 provides software development for all these platforms and devices, advice or expertise when problems surface, and can even teach you how to do it yourself, too.

Why AIR?

Adobe AIR runs natively on a device but is developed and deployed using the same tools that were used to develop the browser version of the application. Innovators are now developing browser based software for all users and Runtime (AIR) standalone apps for frequent users who wish to remove the latency of the network or Internet. AIR applications do not require the user to be connected to an external datasource or the Internet to work properly. The AIR application needs to be downloaded and installed on the client device instead of just updating the content for the website or web application centrally for all users’ convenience. The software engineers at On3 have the skills to develop terrific AIR applications alongside your development team on-site or while working remotely.

AIR application run in a browser window or while disconnected. At On3, our AIR developers love the flexibility that AIR has because they don’t need the browser or Internet connectivity. AIR apps have more persistence and can store data or sessions on the remote device while the browser discards the application session information when it is closed. This persistence is beneficial when the application developer is providing a branded experience & does not want to use browser branding, controls, and integration to be introduced into the application experience. On3’s development team can help you decide in which direction to go and balance cost versus quality. By hiring an On3 AIR developer to create applications for you or work along side your team, the immersive possibilities available to the software developer can be realized.

The Powerful Mobile “Desktop”

Desktop operating systems provide developers with lots of tools and APIs to make applications for the desktop very powerful. An important innovation for a mobile device usability was providing device and tablet users with the ability to mimic the keyboard concept with text manipulation operations like cut, copy, paste, drag & drop within the AIR application. AIR’s Virtual keyboard makes this possible. Clipboard access and enhanced drag & drop support allow users to move text and files to the mobile “desktop” or otherwise facilitate communicate between mobile applications. This clipboard access also allows windowing and application background processing in AIR. On3 AIR software developers and iPhone programmers are experts who can help you capture your users imagination with any mobile device.

With AIR, the developer has the flexibility to use Mac, Windows, or Linux native controls and menus or customized user controls inside the AIR app. The AIR developer also has the ability to launch native processes and libraries just like iPhone and Android app developers to handle documents using native processes. Installing Adobe AIR applications that work consistently across differing O/S & browser combinations to simplify unit testing and troubleshooting. We provide AIR software developers for projects that decrease the O/S customizations and support you need to provide for your code base.

Code Reuse in AIR

AIR supports programming for displays that are 4095 pixels in height and width so most content can easily scale to the resolution required by the user or form factor. As the screen resolution combinations multiply, the content provider no longer needs to make frequent changes to provide a pleasing intuitive experience for the consumer. AIR eliminates the requirement to support multiple operating systems, browser versions, and devices. Browser code can be reused for HTML, JavaScript, Adobe [Apache] Flex, and ActionScript web and desktop applications deployed on Adobe AIR.

Contact On3 today to learn how we can help you develop powerful software using Adobe AIR for your next project!

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