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Apple’s iOS 7 #designretooled

cloud and batteriesiOS 7 was Apple’s biggest announcement at the recent World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) and is a sign that the company is taking the calls that it needs to start innovating again seriously. The update will feature an almost completely retooled user interface, which poses a certain learning-cost for designers but means that there will be work available for developers to retrofit applications. The changes are not merely superficial, however: the system introduces features that will be bonuses to most iPhone programmers. Matt Thompson of Heroku called iOS 7 a “$100 million check” that Apple has written to developers, and in addition to the need to keep applications from going stale from a design standpoint, the iOS developer toolbox has been expanded for the better.

First, iOS introduces true multitasking to every app and brings it nearer to feature parity with Android. The new model’s interest to developers is that improves the flow of data to applications; they can be activated periodically in order to fetch data.

Second, iOS 7 features a system-level, graphics accelerated Sprite Kit. This platform is likely to increase the ease at which developers can create games and other applications that require intensive 2D graphics capabilities. The kit also assists in physics simulations and particle systems.

Third, Apple has introduced AirDrop, which is functionality similar to “bump-to-share” minus the bumping. It is a peer-to-peer file sharing system that takes care of all details without the need for setup or network connections.

Lastly, iOS 7 improves upon the Map Kit API, now enabling directions that can guide users to their destinations. Furthermore, the API has been given improvements with 3D views and overlays. iOS 7 stands to be a minor disruption in the smartphone market. To stay ahead of these coming changes or simply talk creative ideas, contact an experienced mobile development partner at On3 Software Development. We’d love to hear what you’re up to!


photo: itechpost

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