Web Application Brings Soul to Social Media


web application for eHealth mental health

Web Application Brings Soul to Social Media

What started with a vision spurred by gratitude, resulted in a “soulful-media” tool that is, “a safe place where you can go to redefine your life, and what you want out of it,” as founder, Tiffany Cooper, describes it.

All Soul, No Ego

RealSoulful is a robust web app that was built by On3 with a heavy focus on security and privacy to ensure the integrity of the site is maintained. This networking site allows users to focus on their own mental and spiritual health in private, or to share  things with the like-minded community. Even the “Soulful Community” comprises completely of registered users that have agreed to the terms of use for the site, the most important of which is to check your ego at the door.  While the users can share a post to Facebook, we did not use Facebook oAuth for logging in, just to keep that much more of a separation from potential security breeches.

What’s especially interesting about this application, are the variety of ways user’s thoughts are forced to focused on what kind of thought they are writing – be it a personal mantra, daily intention, gratitude statement, prayer request, etc.  All of which are critical mental health tools used by therapist and other forms of counseling.

  • Client: RealSoulful
  • Category: Facebook Sharing, JavaScript, Angular JS, CSS, HTML5, Mental Health, Web Standards, Social Media, Entrepreneur
  • Date: 2013-2015

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web application for eHealth mental health

Web Application Brings Soul to Social Media

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