iPad Development for Sports Video Telestration


iPad development for enterprise customer experience

iPad Development for Sports Video Telestration

GolfTEC provides computer assisted golf instruction and golf swing analysis to golfers in the United States and several international locations. Their technology is one of the major factors that separates the company from their competition. The application compares measurements of velocity, bend angles, and angles of rotation captured during an evaluation against a database of tour pro golfer measurements. The golf lessons and swing evaluation booths are located in 180 brick-and-morter locations nation-wide, and now can be done anywhere, at any time, thanks to My Pro to Go and GolfTEC Telestrator.


The project goal was to design and build an iPad app that would extend GolfTEC’s proprietary technology from brick-and-mortar locations, to any environment, using mobile technology. This extension would allow for exponential growth for GolfTEC and improve their customer’s experience by delivering high-quality, golf instruction from anywhere, anytime, including through two new programs, GolfTEC Events and GolfTEC Outdoor (allowing them to reach even more golfers beyond their already-impressive 25% golf instruction marketshare). The technical goals were to develop a multi-platform video analysis studio that plays a submitted student video while capturing a coach’s annotations and voice instructions to create a composite HD video using open-source technology. The application would have to be scalable, robust and accessible, thus requiring a cloud-based API and storage environment.

  • Client: GolfTEC
  • Category: Mobile Strategy and Development
  • Date: 2014

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iPad development for enterprise customer experience

iPad Development for Sports Video Telestration

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