Mobile App Development for Fundraiser

Children's Colorado Foundation

Children's Colorado Foundation
Cordova cross platform Mobile app

Mobile App Development for Fundraiser

Every year, over 2,000 fearless riders and more than 300 volunteers support Children’s Hospital Colorado patients and their families in the Courage Classic. The three-day bike tour through Colorado’s high country is one of the Children’s Colorado Foundation’s biggest annual fundraising events! The only thing missing was a great mobile app to connect riders and promote donations. On3’s mobile app development was ready to help.


The Children’s Colorado Foundation came to On3 with a grandiose goal of connecting riders with the Courage Classic through technology.  Now, keep in mind, we’re talking about 2,000+ people on bikes, in remote, steep mountain valleys and passes where Internet and cell service is sporadic, at best. So, it needed to be engaging and helpful; it needed work without a network; it needed to be on iPhone and Android; and they needed it in a little over a month.

Challenge accepted!

This is where we stepped in and helped the client prioritize their goals and set up a multi-phase plan.  We aimed for getting something in the hands of their riders quickly that would make the impact they needed it to, all while not breaking the budget.  As a bonus, the mobile apps were able to see a cost savings on printing costs and boost their fundraising efforts during the event the first year the app was deployed!


Given the desired feature set and time constraint, the mobile apps were built using hybrid mobile technologies that allowed us to deploy one set of code to both iPhone and Android. In our Discovery process, we found that we could increase donation by integrating social networking and that our design should automatically respond to the larger screens of iPads and Android tablets.

The most recent version of the mobile apps seamlessly connects riders with their personal Rider page through the Foundation’s API and allows them to automatically include their donation page link to all social posts they make from the app.  The social feature includes all networks that the user has installed on their phone.  Now when a rider sends out a post or photo from the app, not only are they spreading the news about this great event, but they are increasing the donations raised during the tour, which historically was when donations dropped off.

As you may know, races and tours of this kind have different routes each day, and on those routes, there are a variety of stations to aid the riders.  Being that this tour is in the mountains, the terrain and difficulty levels change with each route.  To help the riders navigate these elements, we added in a topographic map that shows the riders elevation information and marks all of the stations that are placed around the course so the riders know what to expect before they head out for the day.

Our innovative use of cloud, intelligent caching and cellular technologies culminated into a mobile app development that provided extreme value to the users, and business intelligence to the Foundation.

  • Client: Children's Colorado Foundation
  • Category: Mobile Strategy and Development
  • Date: Since 2014

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Cordova cross platform Mobile app

Mobile App Development for Fundraiser

Children's Colorado Foundation
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