Enterprise Web Application for Air Methods

Air Methods

Air Methods
enterprise web application development

Enterprise Web Application for Air Methods


Air Methods recognized the need for staff augmentation and brought in a highly-skilled, architect-level, ColdFusion developer from On3 to assist their team. Our architect implemented coding best practices, built the needed enhancements, and performed the production maintenance to support current customers. This service allowed the Air Methods team to focus on other important duties, knowing that the ColdFusion work was being done right. On3 got the project back on track by meeting deadlines and providing more predictable production schedules. The past due work was finished quickly and the team’s workload reverted to a more reasonable allocation for each team member. Air Methods knew they needed top-level skill, yet not a full-time developer for a single project. On3 was able to provide the needed staff augmentation and allow the Air Methods team to return to their assigned duties. On3 appreciated the opportunity to be part of such an important project and to help a noble company in achieving vitally important goals.


  • Improved team morale
  • Reduced employee workload
  • Contributed to customer retention
  • Added essential features
  • Enabled faster response time
  • Created a more effective system


“On3 helped us improve what was already a terrific product. Our current customers have appreciated the quick turnaround on bug fixes, and our new customers have been thrilled with the new features and professional appearance of the user interface. I’m satisfied with the work On3 did for us.” ~ Michael O.

  • Client: Air Methods
  • Category: Architect-level ColdFusion development, Staff Augmentation
  • Date: 2012-2013

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Enterprise Web Application for Air Methods

Air Methods
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