BYOD continues to maintain enterprise mobility supremacy

By On3 Marketing In Mobile Development, Software Development February 1, 2015

Enterprise mobility has undergone a tremendous change over the last few years. Tech workers used to supply other employees with all of the devices and programs that they would need to get through the day. But now that more people have their own personal devices, this has changed.

Bring your own device has become the status quo for businesses with mobility in mind. But while many workers believe that they are able to provide themselves with the right software, this is not always the case. Enterprises need to redirect their efforts toward allowing personal devices in the workplace to ensure that they are outfitted with company-approved programs. Increasingly, it is being discovered that custom software solutions are the best way to go about doing this.

BYOD popularity continues to rise
Of course, as more people begin to adopt personal smartphones they will start bringing them to work. Even if just for company email access, chances are that almost every professional has at some point used their own mobile devices to complete a business objective.

According to TechProResearch contributor Teena Hammond, the variety of devices that will have to be accounted for is only going to grow.

“Organizations are now faced with more complex choices regarding what outside devices – if any – to integrate within their environments, and how to get business value out of them,” Hammond wrote. “Wearable devices refer to portable electronics such as headsets, watches or even clothing which can interface with a smartphone or collect/measure data such as audio/video, heart rate and environmental details.”

Businesses must consider how every one of these devices may impact the organization as a whole. Could they potentially interact with company data? If so, software must be updated in order to accommodate change and maintain security.

The changing face of mobile device management
The days of company-owned and managed mobile machines is over. Because professionals require the use of their own devices, GCN contributor Patrick Marshall believes that management must be shifted from devices to the applications that they run.

But this software has to be provided by the company. This is the only way to make sure that it meets the needs of employees while also keeping organizational information secure. The most effective way to accomplish this is through custom software development. Programs have to be constructed from scratch in order to best enable workers.

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