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Smarter Design Offers New Opportunities

smartphoneWith the realization that the app market is saturated with less than exciting games and utilities, there is no time like the present for upgrades and improvements in i-Device processing and display capabilities. Thankfully, iPhone and iPad development as we know it today is about to undergo dramatic changes with the release of iOS7 and new Apple devices on the horizon.

What does all of this mean to developers? Most importantly, a new approach to app development. IOS 7 brings a new, flatter approach which changes the way icons are displayed, lighter colors, no borders and a redesigned keyboard.

Updating the look and feel of apps is paramount since IOS 7 includes a new multi-tasking feature which will enable apps to be displayed side-by-side with those already open. Twitter and Facebook are already ahead of the game having released their new app versions that feature updated flows and icons. Those that fail to update their apps in preparation for the wide release of IOS 7 risk not only archaic-looking icons, but potential performance issues as well.

IOS 7 also brings exciting new features for developers to leverage including peer-to-peer connectivity, barcode scanning, blinking and smiling detection and in-app background downloads. These all present a plethora of new opportunities for developers to leverage. Making substantial improvements in app development with the new SDK will obviously affect the success of the final product.

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