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Android and iOS Vie for the Mobile Force

Mobile development is on the rise, and while may will compete for their share of the marketplace offerings, Apple iOS holds a crushing 75% of tablet app downloads with Android at distant second with 17%. Google will benefit from Amazon’s app marketplace Android offerings, and the Kindle Fire has been well received. These are a couple of factors that will work in Android’s favor. While Android might not have the current expected market position, this battle is not over yet.

Android DeveloperMobile device gaming continues to evolve as developers take advantage of improvements and capabilities of operating systems. However, when it comes to Android development in the gaming area, there doesn’t seem to be as much of a proliferation as other applications have realized.

PlayJam founder Jasper Smith explains his perspective on why Android gaming has not realized tremendous growth. As he explains, “I think 26 percent of developers prefer working with Android.” He goes on to explain that he expects this figure to increase to 60 percent in a few years.

So what is behind this rather disappointing statistic?

Chris Doran of Geomerics states that their programmers have a true dislike for Android when it comes to game creation, mostly because it is an ineffective platform for graphics creation. However, as in the case of iOS, the advancement of developmental tools may someday turn this around.

There is much hope in the console.

In fact, with the upcoming releases of the Ouya and Gamestick consoles, Android game development may realize even more growth sooner. Both systems, which will allow Android gaming to make the jump from mobile devices to console gaming, may just be the ticket to encourage developers to come up with innovative and engaging games. If nothing else, it most certainly can present a lower risk environment for them to experiment on.

Stay tuned for what could be an interesting competition amongst Android and iOS in the near future.

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