Is Google Glass Headed for Your Doctor’s Office?

At the CES in Las Vegas this year, wearable technology was the highlight. From the PrioVR, a virtual reality gaming device, to the new prototype from Sony called the Sony Core, to Google Glass, wearable tech is quickly becoming the next big thing. But could wearable tech items like Google Glass soon show up in your doctor’s office?

According to a report found here, Google sent its top secret X group to meet with US regulators who are in charge of medical devices, which increases the chances of “a new product that may involve biosensors from the unit that developed computerized glasses.”

Google workers that have done research on sensors, including contact lenses that help wearers monitor their biological data, met with those at the FDA who regulate eye devices and diagnostics for heart conditions, according to the agency’s public calendar. With the continuing migration of technology and health, innovators and application developers have had difficulty meeting regulations set out by the government; however, all of this may change if Google continues to work closely with government departments. Increasing their efforts past being a search engine, Google is seeking out an audience with departments like the FDA, which could lend to smaller innovators’ successes in health application design.

Meanwhile, this isn’t just about revenue and profit. Google has had a long track record of philanthropic ventures set to aid more than just their bank account. Donating money to charities, and oftentimes investing in tech entrepreneurs who have set out to take on larger, global issues. And even protecting endangered wildlife, and improving computer science training. CEO Larry Page has made it very clear that Google is more than a for-profit company, saying, “Our main job is to figure out how to obviously invest more to achieve greater outcomes for the world,” in regards to investments like Google Glass and similar ilk. Continuing, “And I think those opportunities are clearly there.”  How do you see Google Glass being used to help the greater good?

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Mobile Software Development Services Increase Competitiveness

Mobile software development is designed to provide innovative technology systems for handheld devices.  Its uses provide multi-touch interfaces for a variety of business applications.  Address books, locating retail locations, dialers and more are possible with mobile software development.  This technology has just touched the surface of its possibilities.

According to an article in Wired Magazine, “An Appcelerator survey of enterprise leaders released in January 2013 reports that 73 percent of enterprises have built fewer than five applications, and 39 percent have built none or just one…fifty-five percent of companies in the Appcelerator survey ranked mobility at the top or near the top of their priorities list, and 66 percent plan employee-facing mobile applications.”
Screen Size

The progression of technology has made mobile software development a worthy investment.  A significant advancement has been made in the screen size of mobile devices.  Today the screen sizes of phones are larger and the screens of other devices such as tablets are as big as laptop computers have also increased.


Today the increase of available bandwidth has led to faster and more effective speeds.  With the development of 4G, the utilization of web applications has improved.


When developing mobile strategy the decision of a platform type must be made.  A developer needs to decide on a web application or on a native app designated for a particular mobile platform.  Not one platform will fit all situations.  There are a variety of platforms available.


It is a real attraction for companies to create a web application and provide it for a variety of environments.  Doing this is only expected to increase significantly as consumers have availability to an increasing range of channels.


Mobile software development has enhanced the performance of any worker who has to travel for their job.  They are now able to attend conferences, view videos as well as attend online meetings and more.  In many cases mobile software development can be designed to meet a company’s particular needs.

If you would like to learn more about how mobile software development services can enhance your company we can help.  Contact us today and learn more.

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